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Welcome to the Noadswood school science page - from here you have access to all the Noadswood science and computer science resources, including lesson PowerPoints and worksheets, homework tasks, revision resources, spoken SEN examinations, science games, science pictures and movies, class discussions, class forums etc... (video guide of website (click here) and some useful links are on the right > > >)

You can access quick links to what you need - select the ‘your class’ tab (click here) from the top and click through each menu to your specific topic (as well as accessing all the science club materials...)

Submitting homework / coursework or need to get in touch with your science teacher? You can submit homework and coursework straight to your teacher using the ‘submit work’ tab at the top (click here)

Revising for exams? All the useful revision materials (past papers, key notes, Podcasts etc...) as well as external links to other beneficial websites can be found under the ‘revision tab’ at the top (click here) - and good luck! Also, don’t forget to look at the science calendar to remind you of your upcoming GCSE exams!!!

Parents & guardians - letters sent home, courses, examinations, contact details, online tracking of grades / achievements and general information can be found using the ‘parents’ tab (click here). The link to the right also takes you to third party supplementary revision books and guides (click here) which are highly recommended for all our GCSE courses. You can also view the Exonmobile Sci-Tech Challenge where Noadswood pupils won both the national and international competitions in 2013 and have just won the national and international competition again in 2015!

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